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ConSenual Cacao & Shibari 

A Journey of the Senses

SAT MAY 6TH 2023 8PM - 11 PM

Imagine a space of soft warm candlelight, the air drenched in sweet aromatics of cacao and roses, soft blankets, and soothing sounds of drums and bowls vibrating through the room.


A safe space to leave your worries at the door and open your heart to adventurous exploration.

Join me Elektra Moon for a guided journey of sensual sensation with Ixchele Cacao and Shibari.


As we open our circle with Mama cacao. She will flood our hearts as we connect to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Utilizing ropes we will explore Shibari a Japanese form of bondage. To embody the elements and the sensation they provoke within. 

During the workshop we will be focusing on:

•Consent and Boundaries

•Creating a Safe Container

•Safety and Basic Rope

•Sensory Play

•Support and Care

 and most important 


Guided By Elektra Moon

~ Oracle of Love ~

Medicine Woman
Channel for the Collective Healing
I am one with the earth.
The earth and myself are of one mind.

Wholeness and expansive bliss, thank you for being here. My mission is one of remembrance, remembrance of self. Through the art of love, I will guide you safely through the multiverse layers so you can remember what your specific key and mission is while you are on this beautiful planet we call earth.


As an Oracle, I am able to hold vast spaces so you can safely explore your shadows, your light and your love.  I will help you align with your authentic vibration so that all you are truly meant to be will shine through on your journey to wholeness.

Elektra Moon Reverand Oracle (_elektramoon3) • Instagram photos and videos.png
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