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Are You Ready To Move With Fire?

Moving With Fire

Fire Spinning Workshop For Beginners
May 19th 8PM-10PM
Facilitated By Chelsee Cynesthesia

Fire is a powerful element that brings heat, light, connection to spirit, and the ability to nourish ourselves!


We will gather in an intimate and cozy space to discuss: 

  • The history of fire spinning 

  • Different types of fire props & fueling options

  • Safety tips, environmental considerations, & permit info 

  • How to create your own 'fire kit' & where to obtain gear

Next we will set intentions and each participant have the option to play with at least one of the following fire tools:

  • Poi

  • Fans

  • Staff

  • Palm Torches

  • Hoop 

  • Levi Wand 

  • Double Staff


  • Basic natural fiber clothing, i.e. Jeans and long sleeve cotton T-shirts work great. 

  • Beanie or hat that covers hair, optional but recommended 

  • Closed toed shoes

  • Notebook & pen

  • Water bottle 

*****Please avoid clothing with high percentages of spandex, polyester, nylon, etc.*****

*****Please avoid any dangling embellishments, fringe, feathers, metal etc.***** 

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 6.28.04 PM.png


Chelsee is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. She discovered fire arts in 2009 through a circle of women at Hoop Camp in California. The ritual of setting an intention, feeling the heat of the flame on her skin, and hearing the sound of fire in motion became a source of true empowerment. 


Chelsee studied multiple props including double hoops, poi, staff, fans, and levi wand, and shared performance art and workshops with the original Hoopology Dance throughout Western Canada. Chelsee supported sectional choreography for Radiant Heat, a well respected Burning Man collective that performed at the conclave for over a decade. Chelsee has performed professionally at Envision, Shambhala, Live at Squamish, Motion Notion, and many other music and art events. Chelsee also had the opportunity to work as an international fire performer in Thailand, where she learned from circus arts teachers from all over the world. 


After becoming a mama and landing in Dallas, Chelsee got to play with Fempyre and female focused group choreography. These days you can find her DJing dance waves at Ecstatic Dance Dallas & recording original music at Ascension Studios.

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